The wireless rear view assistant is equipped with a powerful COFDM video radio system, which enables a stable radio connection even in extremely poor terrain. A line of sight between transmitter and receiver is not necessary.
The assistant includes a monitor with a built-in COFDM receiver. This is supplied with power from the vehicle board network. You can switch between 6 cameras with video transmitters. Up to 6 video transmitters can be connected to standard cameras with analog or HD output and work together without interference. The images are transmitted with a very low delay of only 40ms. Any number of monitors can be used simultaneously and independently of one another. The system can be used e.g. as reversing control for trucks with trailers.

- COFDM technology

- Integrated video receiver

- 8.4 "monitor

- Shockproof and robust (aluminum housing)

- Switch for up to 6 cameras / transmitters

- Transmitter available in a weatherproof version

- Shockproof and robust

- SD variant: compatible with cameras with CVBS / CVBS output

- HD variant: compatible with cameras with HD-SDI output

- Frequencies: 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz (general approval)

Wireless rear view assistant

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