• Mobil Control-Case

Our VTQ case systems can be individually equipped. Our COFDM video radio systems form the basis. These are available in frequencies from 300MHz - 6Ghz. Up to 4 x 2-fold diversity receivers can be integrated. The image is reproduced using a daylight-compatible monitor, if necessary with quad splitter for multiple image display. Extensive options for camera control are also available.


- COFDM technology

- With integrated telemetry return channel

- Up to 4 video receivers are integrated

- Switchable image views (single image, split screen for up to 8 camera images)

- Operating set with joystick for extensive control options (PTZ cameras, picture switching, switching commands)

- Monitor suitable for daylight, up to 21.5 "

- Available in a weatherproof version

- Temperature range up to + 60 ° C

- Shockproof and robust

- Universal power supply (10-30V vehicle, external battery)

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Mobil Control-Case

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