Mains adapter with integrated DVR ,  camera and microphone.
The masked  design with hidden lens makes it suitable for indoor surveillance. The power plug is also usable in low light conditions and delivers videos with Full HD resolution. The power supply has a built-in WLAN Wifi adapter you can view the live image and the recorded files.
The DVR camera with microphone starts recording by motion detection or continuously. The masked design and easy installation make the camera a simple solution for an unobtrusive, covert investigation. The power supply is simply via the socket. The package includes an SD card and an IR remote control.

Camouflaged miniature cameras with recorders are optimally suited for covert or inconspicuous surveillance. The lens openings are very small and inconspicuous. The built-in VCR works with a removable micro SD card as a storage medium. It supports up to 32Gb. There are camouflaged cameras here in various designs, e.g. as power supply or clock.


»Lenses (Fix, Vario, Motorzoom, Pinhole)
The pinhole lens has a fixed focal length or a fixed opening angle. The focus is fixed. Typically, such lenses have a high depth of field, so that from about 30cm to infinity everything is shown sharp.

»Motion Detection
This feature detects changes in the image, such as motion. When motion detection is triggered, recording starts.

»HD resolution
The devices have an HD resolution, which means something like high definition.
This means they have a high resolution with very good image quality without having to compromise.
The recorder supports resolutions from 720P50 / 60 to 1080Pi50 / i60


The indication is in Lux and is based on the image sensor (face plate) or the image sensor / lens combination.
The indication with DSS means Aufintegration, this can lead to Bewegungsunschärfen.

»AGC Means Automatic Gain Control:  Automatic, electronic amplification of the image in low light conditions. The camera adapts itself to the light intensity in the

Technical Data

» small, compact mobile recorder with camera and microfon  
» remote access via WLAN  
» Full-HD High Definition 1080p  
» changeable SD card  
»  real charging function via USB port  
» motion detection  
» Settings, picture preview and playback function via smartphone  


Category Recorder (DVR)  
Resolution (camera) 1920x1080 Pixel  
lens (camera) 4.3mm (F2.0)  
Sensitivity (camera) 0,1 Lux @ F2.0  
Memory (DVR) SD-card (SDHC up to 32GB)  
Power supply 100 - 240V AC  
Dimensions 63 x 52 x 40mm  
Weight 97g  
Data sheet VTQ AC Adapter Camera HD WIFI I (262.42 KB) Download

VTQ AC Adapter Camera HD WIFI I

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